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Professional Linguistics, Inc is proud to be one of the most trusted and recognized interpreter agencies in Atlanta, GA, providing interpreting services for any industry, in any language 24/7.

Whatever you need – consecutive, simultaneous, or sight interpretation – you get it from one of our more than 600 certified interpreters. Get access to our language interpretation services over the phone instantly or in-person within as little as 24-48 hours.


Professional Interpretation Services

Interpreting is performed by a professional interpreter from spoken or signed language to convey a message from one language to another. One of the key responsibilities of an interpreter is to preserve the tone of the message and communicate the meaning behind that message.


What's the Difference Between Translation and Interpretation

The biggest difference between translation and interpretation is that translation is written, while interpreting is an audible form of communication.

Translation is all about rendering written text from one language into another language while conveying the meaning. Interpreting, on the other hand, is face-to-face or real-time oral translation that involves an interpreter listening to the message in a source language and repeating what is said out loud in a target language.

Interpretation services can take various forms, including over-the-phone interpretation, on-site (in-person) interpretation, video remote interpreting, and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting.


In-Person Interpretation

In-person, or on-site interpretation, provided by Professional Linguistics, is the most reliable and accurate form of interpreting that requires the presence of an interpreter.

Our interpreting agency provides a bilingual in-person interpreter with as little as 24-48 hours’ notice at any location in the Southeastern United States. We will pick the ideal interpreter who specializes in your industry and is fluent in both the source and target languages.

Request our in-person interpreter to your office, school, state or federal courtroom, hospital, conference, meeting, or another setting.


Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Phone interpretation services facilitate communication between parties who do not understand one another without having to be in the same room or even city.

Over-the-phone interpretation can be conducted for two or more parties that are in remote locations. A certified interpreter will connect to the telephone conversation to break language barriers.

Professional Linguistics, offers the over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) service, which gives our clients access to more than 1,000 highly-trained interpreters across the globe. The connection time for popular languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese Russian, French, and Arabic is 30 seconds and 60 seconds for all others.


Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Professional Linguistics, Inc established its own Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) system that gives you access to our skilled video interpreters on any electronic device of your choice (laptop, smartphone, PC/MAC, tablet, etc.).

With the help of a video interpreter, you can facilitate full understanding through both spoken and visual communication.


ASL Interpreting

We also provide certified ASL interpreting services for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

With our superior signing ability, our sign-to-voice and voice to sign interpreters work with government organizations, hospitals, medical professionals, and businesses to facilitate effective communication.

Contact us to learn more about the telephone, video, on-site, and ASL interpretation services by one of the best interpreter agencies in Atlanta, GA, Professional Lingusitics, Inc.


With a team of more than 600 interpreters and translators fully trained in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, covering more than 250 different languages, Professional Linguistics, Inc. has become the “go-to” interpreting and translation company for businesses across the US.

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