Frequently Asked Questions


Here Are Some Of The Most Common Questions Users Ask

Although everyone is more familiar with translator, within the profession the terms are distinguished depending on how the message is being relayed; written (translator) or verbal (interpreter).

All of our interpreters have demonstrated their ability to be proficient in two languages while following the interpreter code of ethics and standards. Interpreters can become legal, medical, and/or educational certified in which they will become masters with the terminology required.

An interpreters title in the legal field is based on the skills they have demonstrated on the test with the GA commission on interpreters.

Language is endless! We specialize in legal, medical, & education; but we are always working to assist with any of your language needs in any setting. Professional Linguistics takes pride in providing the best customer support and will exhaust our resources to fulfill our community’s needs.

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter listens first and waits for a statement to be completed and then proceeds to interpret. In simultaneous interpretation a pause may not be beneficial therefore the conversation is being interpreted with only a few words difference.

Although we can provide a ballpark price we are not able to accurately provide you with a quote until reviewing the content. Request a Translation Quote

You will receive two original copies of the completed translation, notarized and certified. It will be up to our client’s discretion as to how it will be handed. (USPS, electronically, etc.)

We understand unforeseen circumstances are inevitable, but we must be fair to our interpreters that have blocked off their schedule. Therefore if a request that has been fulfilled by our office is cancelled within one business day of the assignment a cancellation fee will be assessed.

If a request is made within one business day an ASAP fee will be considered depending on the assignment type.

Our office is available to assist you with your request 24/7 365 days out the year, but Ideally to ensure an interpreter is available we ask that you submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance. However, we are always on stand-by for the unpredictable.

Communication is essential every day all day! It can be 10 AM on a Monday or 4 AM on Christmas Eve and we can assure we will have someone ready to work on providing an interpreter.

Professional Linguistics wants nothing but success for our community, please refer to our resources tab for a links to courses and organizations that will lead you into a rewarding career.