We speak with our hands.

As the 3rd most used non-English language in the United States, American Sign Language is the best means to communicate with approximately 2,000,000 deaf persons and 15,000,000 hard of hearing persons residing in the United States. Our ASL interpreters provide a bridge to a group of people not easily accessible via spoken English.

American Deaf culture has been around since before the 19th century with roots in Europe. They have a rich legacy of cultural traditions and customs, norms, and values. There is a different interpretation of success, accomplishments, jokes, embarrassment, and social interaction. Our ASL interpreters are your key to accessing and interacting with success to this unique population of Americans.

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Professional ASL Interpreters

Our American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are trained, licensed and certified for work within a variety of settings, including corporate, medical, courtroom, religious, or conferences. Professional Linguistics maintains a large number of interpreters on staff for ASL all across the United States to ensure that someone is always available, no matter where your location of service is.

You can contact us around the clock by telephone, on our website, via email, or even leave a message on our 24 hour response system.