Medical Terminology

Our clients have made Professional Linguistics a leader in the translation industry because of our expertise and reputation with translating medical terminology. All of our medical interpreters are trained on medical terms, etiquette and ethics to eliminate any chance for misunderstandings or interpreter failures. A misunderstanding in a medical setting has a huge potential for a negative impact - and our medical interpreters are trained to keep that risk to an absolute minimum.

Our medical interpreters are trained, licensed and certified for work within a medical setting. Professional Linguistics maintains a large number of interpreters on staff in all languages to ensure that someone is always available, no matter how late the scheduling request is. You can contact us around the clock by telephone, on our website, via email, or even leave a message on our 24 hour response system. Last minute scheduling is never a problem.

Certified Interpreters

To ensure our team provides the best quality of service, Professional Linguistics offers certified interpreters within the medical field.  In addition to certifications like the CMI, our team is trained and tested by the Professional Linguistics Certified Interpreter (PLCI) program to ensure they have knowledge of how to translate highly specific medical terminology.  WIthout this training, interpreters may be proficient in general terms and phrases used in medicine, however prove to be ineffective when interpreting complex health issues that may be discussed.

Emergency Health Care

When the need arises, we're ready to handle your request.  Our team is able to work directly with ambulance services, EMTs, and hospitals to provide on demand interpreting via phone or in person.

Contact us via our web form for fast response or via phone at 770.973.0377