Courtroom Ready

Our court interpreters are licensed and certified for work within a courtroom setting. Professional Linguistics maintains a large number of interpreters on staff in all languages to ensure that someone is always available, no matter how late the scheduling request is. You can contact us around the clock by phone, on our website, via email, or even leave a message on our 24 hour response system. Last minute scheduling is never a problem.

All of our court interpreters are trained on courtroom etiquette and ethics to eliminate any chance for a mistrial or interpreter failures. Mistrials are extremely costly and troublesome for everyone involved.


Nearly every court system in the State of Georgia works with Professional Linguistics for court interpreting.  We also work directly with attorneys, paralegals and court administrators in the southeast for depositions and document translations.

Evidence Security

It's very important to maintain chain of custody records and ensure the data is viable for in court use at all times. As a result, we've implemented systems that you can depend on not interfering with your case. Our goal is to provide you the service you need while maintaining the credibility of your evidence at all times.

Professional Linguistics uses biometric locks on facility doors to ensure we know exactly who has access to our work areas. In addition, our data center and evidence closet is protected by biometric security with limited access to only critical evidence certified personnel. State of the art firewalls and air-gap solutions separate evidence systems from business. Integrated with our commercial grade high security alarm system, multiple video cameras with off site recording monitors the entire facility ensure that any attempts to gain access to your data is recorded.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

Don't take the chance of getting an interpreter without the skills needed to properly interpret in a courtroom setting. Our simultaneous interpreters are trained to speak while you're speaking, directly into the person's ear with minimal disruption in the courtroom. This is the preferred method of interpretation in the courtroom, however it is beneficial at times to switch to consecutive interpreting as required. With Professional Linguistics, you ensure that both styles are covered when scheduling a courtroom interpreter.

Audio Equipment

Although optional, we recommend using our audio interpreting equipment at your event. These specialized devices are used to allow non-English speaking persons to privately hear the interpretation audio with minimal disruption to the event. Professional quality equipment for our interpreter and up to 7 listeners are available in both daily or weekly rental charges.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Using this equipment, our interpreters can employ the simultaneous interpretation process to allow people to communicate directly across language and cultural boundaries. This specialized technology uses a transmitter on the interpreter to provide the interpretation to your guests. The interpretation is broadcast via a wireless system to the users who listen on small receivers with earphones. The receivers are multi-channel so the users can select the channel that corresponds to the language that they wish to hear.

Whisper Interpretation

While in the same room or a nearby area with an audio feed, the interpreter whispers into a microphone while your guests listen on personal receivers from anywhere within range of the transmitter (up to 150 feet or 46 meters). This type of interpretation is ideal for a courtroom setting, corporate meetings, or community service groups where maximum flexibility is required.

Contact us via our web form for fast response or via phone at 770.973.0377