Worker Compensation

Professional Linguistics interpreters are experienced with worker compensation claims and are available to work on site at any location. By offering an unbiased approach to all cases, we're here to enable your agent to communicate with the non-English speaking party. We do not offer advice or extraneous discussions with the non-English speaker at any time - we're here only to enable the insurance companies to do their job accurately and effectively. We're trusted and contracted by several government agencies in the State of Georgia to handle claims and cases both via telephone and in person.

Professional Results

Why use a professional interpreter?  Although using a "transportation and translation" service may be cost effective, there's always a risk that the person you use is not trained in providing interpreting services.  Without training, it could lead to ethical issues such as coaching of the client.  This is a very real risk that could become very costly.  

Our professional interpreters ensure that only your words are interpreted, and they will leave the analysis of the case to you.

 Contact us via our web form for fast response or via phone at 770.973.0377